What's There and What's Not: A Visit to the Front Table

September 23rd, 2021

On this episode of Open Stacks: a ghostly tour of the Co-op's Front Table, from the hauntings of American history to life (and death) advice from Spinoza.

For more on absence and presence, listen to this recent episode of Open Stacks featuring Daniel Heller-Roazen's Absentees and Susan Crane's Nothing Happened. And for more on the powers of history to trouble the present, listen to Leila Taylor, in conversation with Tara Betts in 2019, on Taylor's Darkly: Blackness and America's Gothic Soul.

Thanks to bookseller Kaitlynn for sharing a passage from Cree poet and scholar Billy-Ray Belcourt's A History of My Brief Body: Essays. Belcourt's 2016 piece, A POLTERGEIST MANIFESTO, is more than worth a read in conversation with this episode. If you'd like to share something you've read, send a voice memo to podcast@semcoop.com, or head here.

Open Stacks is produced by Jackson Roach and hosted by Alena Jones. Bryce Lucas is our Front Table correspondent. This episode features music by Daniel Birch and Loyalty Freak Music.

Below, find a list of every book mentioned in this episode: