October 5th, 2018

Bernard E. Harcourt is a contemporary critical theorist and social justice advocate. Intersecting contemporary critical, social, and political theory, Harcourt’s writings examine modes of governing in our punitive and surveillance society especially in the post 9/11 period and the digital age. Harcourt traces the birth of what he calls our “expository society” and recent turn to the paradigm of “counterinsurgency warfare” as a mode of governing. He is the author many books including Exposed: Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age, The Illusion of...

Reading Is Critical
September 30th, 2018

Open Stacks returns from summer break with a fresh format for your ears and shelf-browsings: Long Players author Peter Coviello takes a walk through the stacks, Professor Stephen T. Asma speaks on Why We Need Religion, and the Co-op's eminent booksellers talk about George Eliot's Middlemarch. Stay tuned and curious.

We start the episode with Peter Coviello, whose stroll through the store can be found in list-form ...

Open Stacks Podcast
September 30th, 2018

On our Front Table this week, disambiguating the category of "patriarchy" and redeploying it in contemporary gender politics.  Also find contributions to neuroscience, similar to selections from our Front Table three weeks ago, that use anomalous phenomena and dysfunctional processes to approach fundamental questions of mind. Browse the following titles and more at ...

Front Table
September 29th, 2018

This summer, 57th Street Books invited young readers to take our Summer Reading Challenge! Participants read 10 or more books each this summer, and celebrated by gathering at the bookstore, eating pizza, and writing recommendations for all the world to see! Take a look below for some unique insights into each reader's favorite book, or stop by and read the shelf-talkers in person.

The Wardens's Daughter by Jerry Spinelli: The Warden's Daughter is a wonderful story that takes place in the summer of 1959. It is about a 13 year old girl whose father is the prison warden. She lives in an apartment above the prison and every day she goes into the women's exercise yard to talk to her friend Booboo. This...

September 28th, 2018

In award-winning author Brianna DuMont's Thrilling Thieves: Liars, Cheats, and Cons Who Changed History, follow the trail of twelve troublemakers to learn what really made the Mona Lisa the most iconic painting in the world, meet the most powerful pirate from history (it’s probably not who you’re expecting), and watch empires rise and fall with the theft of a simple tea plant. Turns out our world owes a lot to those who dabble on the dark side. If you’re not scared of crooks and criminals, take a peek at this new side of history... DuMont will discuss Thrilling Thieves on Oct. 6th, 3pm at 57th Street Books. Below, find a wide-ranging shortlist of titles researched...

September 27th, 2018

About Norman Finkelstein: A poet and literary critic, Norman Finkelstein is the author of five critical works, including The Ratio of Reason to Magic: New & Selected Poems. Finkelstein has written extensively about modern American poetry and Jewish literature. Like a Dark Rabbi: Modern Poetry and the Jewish Literary Imagination is forthcoming from Hebrew Union College Press. Born in New York City in 1954, Finkelstein is a Professor of English at Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he has taught since 1980. Finkelstein will discuss...

September 23rd, 2018

On our Front Table this week, find new metrics that point towards new forms of life: radical reconceptualizations of temporal scale that could help us grapple with environmental crises; a critique of extant moral economies from the standpoint of alternative measures of human life; and first attempts at formulating new conceptions of economic value that might be adequate to a post-capitalist society. Browse the following titles and more at


Front Table
September 18th, 2018

Parents, young people, community organizers, and educators describe how they are fighting systemic racism in schools by building a new intersectional educational justice movement.
Illuminating the struggles and triumphs of the emerging educational justice movement, this anthology tells the stories of how black and brown parents, students, educators, and their allies are fighting back against systemic...
September 16th, 2018



On our Front Table this week, find a defense of literary audacity alongside audacious literary acts, including interrogations of Franco-Algerian colonial legacies, percussive verse on gang life in Chicago, strategies of artistic engagement with racialized policing, and the history of Black Power movements in their struggle to transform the Ivory Tower. Browse the following titles and more at ...

Front Table
September 16th, 2018

Trudi Trueit has written more than a hundred books for young readers, both fiction and nonfiction. Her love of writing began in fourth grade when she wrote, directed, and starred in her first play. She went on to become a TV news reporter and weather forecaster, but she knew her calling was in writing. Trueit is a gifted storyteller for middle-grade audiences, and her fiction novels include The Sister Solution, Stealing Popular, and the Secrets of a Lab Rat...