July 14th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, explore complexities of identity and connection, from reimagining Western art through the lens of Black subjects to the experiences of asylum seekers at the U.S. border; dive into histories of environmental and human nature; and soak up summer with some award-winning fiction. 

Rediscovering Black Portraiture
(Getty Publications)
Peter Brathwaite

Join Peter Brathwaite on an extraordinary journey through representations of Black subjects in Western art, from medieval Europe through the present day. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Brathwaite has...

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July 7th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, find an epic tale about a neighborhood that refused to be erased, a portrait of incarceration and addiction in America, and a riveting account of rebuilding after devastation. Alongside these, find reflections on the digital economy, ethnic democracy, unpublished manuscripts and more captivating stories at

Built from the Fire: The Epic Story of Tulsa's Greenwood District, America's Black Wall Street
(Random House)
Victor Luckerson

When Ed Goodwin moved with his parents to Greenwood...

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June 30th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, embark on a journey through the exploration of experience, contemplate the future amidst climate crisis, and immerse yourself in the powerful voices of social movements. Alongside these, discover captivating perspectives on art, memoirs, taxonomy, and anthropology. Browse these captivating stories and more at
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June 23rd, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, we dive into Sinead O'Connor's cultural impact, explore the meaning of embracing our suffering through a philosophical lens, delve into the roots of the black working class, and experience a genre-defying writer Sheila Heiti's fictional first draft of the world'...

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June 16th, 2023

Explore captivating topics on this week's Front Table, from culture and invisibility in science fiction and reality, to Jack Whitten's abstract art, the philosophy of care, and celebrating bisexuality. Browse to learn more.

(Yale University Press)
Terry Eagleton

In this keenly analytical and acerbically funny book, Eagleton  explores how culture and our conceptualizations of it have evolved over the last two centuries--from rarified sphere to humble practices, and from a bulwark against industrialism's encroaches to present...

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June 9th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, we are introduced to practical and imaginative resources on how to create a more liberated world through reparations and mutual aid, to essays exploring the wildness of nature and animals, to gripping short story collections from new cutting edge voices in Latin American literature. Browse these and more at


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June 2nd, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, connect with the lives of three artistic giants through their writings, photographs, and letters; explore new histories of ourselves and our planet; and breathe the free air of inspired poetry. Browse these and more at

Always Reaching: The Selected Writings of Anne Truitt
(Yale University...

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May 26th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, love, sex, and death. Also, math. From the autobiography of a legend to a study of the seven days that rule our lives, find what you weren't looking for in this week's selections. Browse these and more at

You Could Make This Place Beautiful: A Memoir

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May 19th, 2023

On This Week's Front Table, we encounter narratives about the histories of artists and philosophers, to the the narrative of disease - whether that's the disease of racial inequalities in regards to the exploitative nature of the fast food industry,  to the effects of AIDS on the body and the effect of ignoring the impact of AIDS on the queer community to how our society has been shaped by eight major pandemics and diseases over the past sixty thousand years. Find this and more at


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May 15th, 2023

In collaboration with the National Public Housing Museum, we are honored to celebrate the June 1 event with Richard & Leah Rothstein for Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law. Just Action provides a roadmap for achieving social justice by challenging the scourge of residential segregation. 

As part of this partnership, we have curated a comprehensive reading list that delves into the history and narratives surrounding residential segregation, public housing, and mass incarceration. This collection, featuring history, sociology, urban studies, fiction, and poetry, brings...

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