Bob Dylan: Too Much of Nothing

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Bob Dylan Too Much of Nothing is a brand new book that takes a fresh look at Dylan's restless search for a meaning to his life and for a musical way forward too. Written by acknowledged Dylan expert Derek Barker (editor of the best selling Dylan magazine) it contains a wealth of new interviews and previously unknown information. It also joins the dots of what is known to paint a picture of an exceptional artist searching for answers. The book starts with Dylan's retreat to Woodstock after the bruising 1966 World Tour which saw him exhausted and needing to find some inner peace. He largely disappeared from view until he toured with The Band before attempting to find his 'roots' with the Rolling Thunder Review. It wasn't until he found Christianity that his seemed sated. During this period Dylan's struggles saw him create some of his most memorable and haunting albums. His search took him back to the roots of American music and his is widely credited with starting the Americana music and leading The Band to discover its roots through the basement tapes and Dylan's own rediscovery of folk through the Self Portrait sessions. It also includes John Wesley Harding which is full of biblical allusions and the astonishing Blood on The Tracks and Desire. The book includes 16 colour pages of pictures including rare images. The book makes sense of a period that was not previously seen as having a common thread and links his post bike-crash seclusion right through to his finding Christianity on stage in the late Seventies.
Publication Date: 
November 6, 2018