A Body Made Home

A Body Made Home

A lyrical memoir that incorporates gender, race, and trans theory in order to excavate a mythography of home, love, and life in transition.

"Home for the Black American has always required ingenuity and radical imagination. Home is commonly understood as a place of bodily safety, a place where one can find themselves a resting place, but for me and for many Black queer folk, our bodies most often preclude any home-making with those kinds of securities." It is this reality that spurred K. Marshall Green's investigation into love among bodies that have been discounted by the mainstream as emotionally deficient and defective.

In his powerful debut memoir, Green recounts the story of "Baby Girl" and of "Black Boi," the Black trans man she will later become. Invigorating this hybrid theoretical memoir with letter writing and biomythography--continuing in the literary tradition of Audre Lorde--Green explores the place of transition and reckons with the possibility of home as a Black queer person in America, unearthing deep transformation and freedom dreaming possibilities.

Publication Date: 
August 13, 2024