Bright Spot
"A sweet and sensitive story about how tricky moments and overwhelming feelings can feel not so tricky and not so overwhelming when you have a bright spot to follow. Aimee Chase's cleverly melodic writing style makes The Bright Spot a special book that shows kids they are never alone in their feelings and offers them the tools to manage anxious moments." --Monica Sweeney, bestselling author of How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow and Can You Yawn Like a Fawn?: A Help-Your-Child-to-Sleep Book

Stuck in your worries? Bright ideas are everywhere!

Lexi is all about rules and schedules, so when the first day of school brings unwelcome surprises (like a giant hairball on her favorite new dress), she starts to get anxious. Before her confidence shrinks to zero and her worries spin out of control, a friendly bright spot appears and shines its light on everyday tools and strategies for overcoming anxiety. Thanks to the glowing personality and positive vibes of her adorable new friend, nothing can stop Lexi from facing the day like the champion she truly is.

With beautiful illustrations and a glint of humor, school-aged children will love seeing themselves in this tale of triumph over adversity. The Bright Spot is both a teaching tool and a heartwarming story of pushing through uncomfortable moments, managing anxiety, and becoming your own best guide.

Publication Date: 
October 18, 2022