Buddhism and Women

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Buddhism and Women
'There are many women around the world who have contributed
in their own ways to the wellbeing of others and have left legacies that many
find inspirational. Therefore, I welcome this book that includes biographies
and works of some well-known women in the Buddhist world. I commend the
Buddhist Society Trust for bringing out this book and hope it will be of
benefit to many people.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

A distinguished friend of the Freudian Nina Coltart once
said 'I don't really know what enlightenment is or could possibly be. The only
thing I hope for and work slowly towards is a process of gradual

This collection from The Middle Way, Journal of the Buddhist
Society established in 1924, may help in that process. This anthology consists
of writings of Buddhist women, authors, artists, explorers, therapists, mothers
and wives whose lives are wonderfully interesting. Many share a fascinating and
curious connection with one another.

The Buddhist Society Trust is a distinguished Press which
enriches lives around the world by advancing the study and practice of
Buddhism. It has published and co-published important Buddhist textbooks for
universities and schools with a number of leading international academic

Publication Date: 
July 9, 2024