The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening

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A complete course in abhidharma--the traditional Buddhist explanation of how the mind causes us to suffer, and how to turn the mind into a vehicle for eradicating that suffering.

Abhidharma (Sanskrit for "special teaching") is a detailed analysis of the Buddha's teaching on suffering and its eradication that goes back to the early Buddhist text Abhidhamma Pitaka--one of the "three baskets" that make up the traditional Buddhist canon, and which was elaborated upon further by such figures as the philosopher Vadsubandhu in his great work Abhidharmakosa. Often referred to as "Buddhist psychology," the abhidharma is known for being complex and challenging to understand in all its details. Steven Goodman's step-by-step analysis makes abhidharma accessible and, most important, applicable to the lives and spiritual practice of ordinary people rather than scholars. It's based on a course he gave in 2002 to Buddhist practitioners at Lerab Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist center in France founded by Sogyal Rinpoche. Along with his careful analysis of the many terms, concepts, and lists, the book includes transcripts of the numerous question-and-answer sessions, which really help clarify the teachings and bring them to life.

Publication Date: 
March 17, 2020