Caillou: Petites chaussures, nouvelles chaussures - Lis avec Caillou, Niveau 2 (French edition of Caillou: Old Shoes, New Shoes)

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Publié en anglais sous le titre Caillou: Old Shoes, New Shoes, cette version française est idéale pour tous ceux qui débutent l'apprentissage du français. Dans cette histoire, Caillou et maman vont acheter des chaussures car celles de Caillou sont trop petites. Quel modèle choisira-t-il ? NIVEAU 2 - Étoile montante - Pour apprenti lecteur avec accompagnement - 175 à 250 mots - Phrases plus longues - Vocabulaire usuel - Dictionnaire en images: 8-10 mots. Originally published in English as Caillou: Old Shoes, New Shoes, this French version is perfect for learning to read French! In this story, Caillou is growing, and his shoes are too small. Mommy takes him to the store to buy a new pair. On the way, he sees Sarah running really fast. That makes Caillou want a pair of shoes to run in. First, the salesman must measure his feet. Caillou picks just the right pair and he shows Sarah how fast he can run. LEVEL 2 book (RISING STAR): For beginning readers to read with support. This books features longer sentences and varied vocabulary as well as 8 to 10 "target words" which are featured in a picture dictionary to ensure understanding and enhance the word-meaning connection. Running word count 175 -250 words.
Publication Date: 
March 26, 2018