Cake Decorating for Beginners: 24 Stunning Step-by-Step Cake Designs for All Occasions

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The ultimate compendium of cake-decoration techniques, derived from the Modern Cake Decorator series.

Cake Decorating for Beginners is a wealth of useful information for avid amateur bakers.

Combining nuggets of valuable advice and popular projects from the Modern Cake Decorator series, the book leads the reader from the first stages to the last embellishments, including baking and icing your cake, and features a range of exciting, innovative but accessible techniques for decoration such as stencilling, using cutters, piping, painting and airbrushing for a polished, professional finish.

The cumulative knowledge of authors Cassie Brown, Christine Flinn, Sandra Monger and Stephanie Weightman makes this book a must-have, go-to guide - the ultimate cake decoration compendium.

Publication Date: 
September 3, 2019