Can Tocqueville Karaoke?:Global Contrasts of Citizen Participation, the Arts and Development

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Are you sceptical about the importance of arts and culture, especially about their possible impact on politics and the economy? This volume outlines a new framework for analysis of democratic participation and economic growth and explores how these new patterns work around the world. The new framework joins two past traditions; however, their background histories are clearly separate. Democratic participation ideas come mostly from Alexis de Tocqueville, while innovation/bohemian ideas driving the economy are largely inspired by Joseph Schumpeter and Jane Jacobs. New developments building on these core ideas are detailed in the first two sections of this volume. But these chapters in turn show that more detailed work within each tradition leads to an integration of the two: participation joins innovation. This is the main theme in the book's third section, the buzz around arts and culture organizations, and how they can transform politics, economics, and social life.
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May 28, 2014