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Inspired by author Suzanne Slade and illustrator Cozbi Cabrera's forthcoming picture-book biography of Gwendolyn Brooks, Exquisite, and Brooks' own contemporary classic, Bronzeville Boys and Girls57th Street Books' Young Readers Advisory Board invites young readers of all ages to connect with your neighborhood by writing and submitting a poem from life to by May 31, 2020. All who enter will appear in our dedicated Children's newsletter, A Young Person's Guide to 57th Street Books. And while you're at it, why not enter the fourth annual Gwendolyn Brooks Youth Poetry Awards (GBYPA)? See details and submit between now and May 30, 2020! 

Illus. by Ronnie Solbert from Bronzeville Boys and Girls (1956) by Gwendolyn Brooks
How to Write a Poem From Life (Courtesy of 57th Street Books' Young Readers Advisory Board): 
1. Write a poem about your favorite books. 
2. Write a poem using all five senses (sound, smell, etc.). Or write about a smell that reminds you of something. 
3. Write a poem about an object that plays a role in your life. 
4. Write a poem about something that happened to you or something you hope/fear will happen. 
5. Write a poem about how you feel when you practice your favorite hobby, instrument, or sport. 
6. Write a concrete poem
7. Write a poem that describes someone by contrasting different aspects of their personality. 
8. Write a poem reflecting on greatness and gratitude or noticing and appreciating. 
9. Write a poem about a moment that changed you. 
10. Read poems from Gwendolyn Brooks' Bronzeville Boys and Girls
You can find several examples here