Children's Illustrated Thesaurus

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Children's Illustrated Thesaurus
Expand and explore your vocabulary.

Discover a whole new vocabulary and never be lost for words again, with this comprehensive and detailed illustrated children's thesaurus, with synonyms and antonyms for more than four thousand main entries.

This beautifully illustrated thesaurus for kids age 9 and older is packed with:

- A comprehensive, illustrated thesaurus created specifically for young readers and writers
- Authoritative content from Collins is given the DK treatment to make the pages lively and the words meaningful for children
- Fun and fresh illustrated "word features" to explore and expand on vocabulary

This colorful and insightful thesaurus contains more than four thousand entries, where each entry is supported by a definition and example sentence to help boost a child's confidence in
using and choosing words. An imaginative mix of photography and illustration gives the book great visual appeal and is the perfect book for children who enjoy words; or who need a little extra help or encouragement with their English vocabulary.

Each entry provides information about each headword: the word type (e.g. noun); definition; example sentence; list of synonyms; further (more advanced) synonyms and antonyms. It also includes synonyms from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and the U.S. The Children's Illustrated Thesaurus is not only a fun and vibrant educational tool for children, but is also perfect for educators looking for a learning tool to inspire vocabulary development.

Expand your library collection and pair this exciting learning tool with DK's ever-popular Children's Illustrated Dictionary.

Publication Date: 
June 6, 2017