China's Emerging Financial Markets : Challenges and Opportunities

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China's Emerging Financial Markets : Challenges and Opportunities
Section 1 Overview of the Chinese Financial System.- A Review of China's Financial System and Initiatives for the Future.- The Transformation of China from an Emerging Economy to a Global Powerhouse.- China's Financial Sector: Contributions to Growth and Downside Risks.- Section2 Monetary Policy and the Foreign Exchange Market.- Monetary Policy Implementation in China: Past, Present, and Prospects.- The China Monetary Policy Handbook.- The RMB Debate and International Influences on China's Money and Financial Markets*.- The United States-China Currency Dispute: Is a Rise in the Yuan Necessary, Inevitable, or Desirable?.- New Estimation of the Renminbi Regime.- The Chinese Imbalance in Capital Flows.- Some Issues Regarding China's Foreign Reserves.- Section 3 The Banking System.- Institutional Development, Ownership Structure, and Business Strategies: A New Era in the Chinese Banking Industry.- China's Nonperforming Loans: A $540 Billion Problem Unsolved.- The Evolution of Bank Lending Patterns in China: A Post-1994 Province-By-Province Analysis.- Determinants of Location Choice of Foreign Banks Within China: Evidence from Cities.- Financial Institutions' Lending and Real Estate Property Prices in China.- Combating Financial Exclusion in China: A Banking Regulatory Perspective.- Section 4 The Bond and Equity Market.- The Chinese Bond Market: Historical Lessons, Present Challenges, and Future Perspectives.- An Update on China's Capital Markets: Focus on China's Securities Industry.- Privatization in China: Experiences and Lessons.- The Emergence of Shareholder Protection in China.- An Appraisal of the Impacts of Non-tradable Shares Reform on Large Shareholders' Behavioral Modes of Listed Companies in the A-Share Market.- Will China Surpass the United States?.
Publication Date: 
September 30, 2009