Christmas: A short history from solstice to santa

Christmas: A short history from solstice to santa
Covering ancient ceremonies, mythology, the gospels, and traditions from around the world, this book uncovers the fascinating background to one of the biggest festive seasons--Christmas.

Have you ever wondered where Christmas comes from? Or why and how it has been celebrated throughout the centuries? This book takes you on an intriguing and entertaining journey through its social history.

Learn about the:
  • astrological associations
  • Nativity
  • excesses of the Roman festival of Saturnalia
  • Puritan ban of Christmas
  • introduction and rise of gift-giving
  • origins and developments of Santa Claus
  • food and traditions from around the world
  • history of its stories, songs and symbols
  • Andy Thomas is a lecturer and author on folklore, histories and conspiracy theories and has made numerous appearances on radio and TV. Beautifully illustrated, this book tells the fuller story behind the sparkle and the merriment, and shows why Christmas has survived and still has meaning for us today.
    Publication Date: 
    October 1, 2019