Class, Party, Revolution: A Socialist Register Reader

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Since beginning publication in1964, The Socialist Register has been one of the most important sources of engaged, critical, and influential theoretical interventions on the socialist left. Released as an annual with a focus on publishing rigorous, sustained pieces that take up particular themes, it has always been committed to developing an independent, nonsectarian relationship with Marxism.

This volume--the Register's first-ever reader--grapples with the question of whether political organization is a necessary part of the struggle by the working-class to overthrow capitalism. In pieces published over the course of publication's entire history contributors, from Ralph Miliband to Jean-Paul Satre, examine various aspects of this theme.


Class, Party, Revolution: An Introduction

Reform and Revolution by André Gorz The May Events and Revolution in the West by Lucio Magri Marx and Engels and the Concept of the Party by Monty Johnstone The Principle of Self-Emancipation in Marx and Engels by Hal Draper Lenin's The State and Revolution by Ralph Miliband Some Problems Concerning Revolutionary Consciousness by Harold Wolpe Theory and Practice in Gramsci's Marxism by John Merrington Gramsci and Lenin 1917-1922 by Alastair Davidson Class and Party by Rossana Rossanda Masses, Spontaneity, Party by Jean-Paul Sartre Marx and Engels on the Revolutionary Party by August H. Nimtz Class, Party, and the Challenge of State Transformation by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin
Publication Date: 
October 16, 2018