Closed Doors, Open Books


We know how eager our customers are for a good in-person browse, so we would like to update you on the reasons behind our decision to remain closed. Our commitment to our stores and to our community is to support a long-term strategy for survival. While public health concerns remain, our primary reason for staying closed is financial. We're learning from our bookselling colleagues who have already opened that the increased costs of operations have come with no commensurate increase in sales. We are already facing existential financial threats and, counter-intuitively, opening the doors is not something that will help us survive.


We are fortunate, however, to have robust online sales and a community that has embraced browsing from afar. That means that we've had to convert the beloved stacks, from the Loeb Library all the way to Žižek, into warehouse spaces; at the moment, there is nowhere to browse. As we pivot to a still uncertain winter, we hope to focus on re-orienting the space, re-training our staff, and building a robust reopening plan for 2021. Until then, we hope to get books to you in a variety of ways, including curbside pick-up, local delivery, and worldwide shipping. 


It has been your orders, your donations, and your messages of support that have kept us afloat--financially and emotionally--during this time. We are so grateful.