Colossal Grab a Pencil Pocket Seek-a-word

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Colossal Grab a Pencil Pocket Seek-a-word
Do you like word searches of every type and every imaginable kind? How about conquering Boxes, License Plates, Missing Vowels, Number Seeks and much more? If you answered a resounding YES, then this book is for you! Packed with page after page of up, down, forward, backward and diagonal puzzles, this latest collection from Richard Manchester has something for everyone. Word searches are great way to sharpen vocabulary, improve word skills, sharpen the wit and exercise the mind. With puzzles designed for all ages and abilities, this compilation is guaranteed to challenge even the most savvy puzzle solver and dazzle puzzle enthusiasts everywhere and every time. Get ready to enjoy a POCKET sized hodgepodge of brain twisting seek-words and be prepared to spend hours and hours of fun!!!!
Publication Date: 
July 28, 2017