Complete Month of Meals Collection: Hundreds of diabetes friendly recipes and nearly limitless meal combinations

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Collected together for the first time in the popular, classic format, the Complete Month of Meals Collection is the ultimate cookbook, meal planner, and nutrition guide for people with diabetes, containing hundreds of recipes and meal planning tips from the American Diabetes Association bestselling series of meal planners. Using a unique three-part, split-page design, this interactive book allows readers to create meal plans instantly by mixing and matching breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, all designed to meet the American Diabetes Association's updated nutrition guidelines. By offering nearly endless meal options&emdash;not just a month of meals, but years of meals&emdash;this unique book takes the work, time, and confusion out of meal planning for people with diabetes. Packed into this one-of-a-kind book, readers will find:
  • Hundreds of recipes, including classics and new twists on old favorites
  • Hundreds of thousands of menu options
  • Innovative three-part, split-page design, that makes building meals a snap
  • Carb counts listed prominently on each recipes&emdash;a carb counter's dream!
  • Full nutrition counts for each recipe
  • Meal planning tips, nutrition advice, and much more! Packed with recipes, photos, and a one-of-kind meal planning design, this is the only meal planning book designed specifically to meet the challenges and needs of those with diabetes, from the leader in diabetes education and self-care.
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    Publication Date: 
    October 31, 2017