The Seminary Co-op is excited to announce plans to draw on its decades of experience selecting, filtering, curating, and assembling books of cultural and scholarly value to provide consultancy services to organizations and individuals wishing to build book collections for their and their communities’ use.

The Co-op’s team of knowledgeable buyers will work with consulting clients to learn their values, interests, goals, and expected readership in order to propose an inventory that aligns with, illuminates, and develops their overall vision. From there, our team will draw on a deep knowledge of enduring and important books in a wide range of fields in order to curate clients’ libraries with an eclectic and engaging mix of titles. We’ll pay special attention to foundational texts and authors, which will in turn inspire confidence in the newer and lesser-known selections shelved adjacent to the classics.

In addition to offering robust curatorial guidance, the Co-op will bring industry-specific financial acumen to buying and returning decisions, making use of promotional discounts, overstock sales, publisher credit programs, and other cost-cutting methods available only to experienced book retailers.

Our long-standing relationships within the book industry, including with small and university presses, and our ability to extract lessons from our related curatorial endeavors ensure that we can build robust and meaningful collections for a variety of cultural institutions.

For more information, please send an email to We look forward to serving you!