Coursebook Ordering

Instructor Coursebook Ordering at the Seminary Co-op Bookstores

Thank you for ordering your coursebooks from the Co-op! Please read and follow the instructions below to ensure efficient processing of your order.

How to order:

online (preferred): Coursebook Online Order Form


call: 773-752-4381

Please keep in mind that submitting your orders in a timely manner will help to ensure that your coursebooks will be available for your students before the term begins. The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires universities, wherever practicable, to put up a listing of books for courses offered on or before the pre-registration and registration dates. To help make this possible please submit your orders by the 7th week of classes of the quarter prior to your class.

Submitting your order early will also make it more likely that we will be able to notify you of problems with specific books early enough to make necessary adjustments.

If you do not receive an order confirmation within 48 hours please email or call.