Creativity Journal for Kids

Creativity Journal for Kids
Let creativity flow with this kids journal for ages 8 to 12

There are no rules for getting creative--that's what makes it so much fun! The Creativity Journal for Kids is packed with prompts and activities that inspire kids to use their imaginations, take risks, and express themselves however they want. They'll move their bodies, use all of their senses, and explore the world around them in fun, new ways. They don't need to be perfect--just unapologetically themselves!

This creative kids journal includes:

  • Activities on and off the page--From writing a joke about something that scares them to balancing this kids journal on their finger, children will explore a wide variety of imaginative exercises.
  • Creativity on kids' terms--No need to follow the prompts word for word or in order! Kids can use them as a starting point for their own ideas whenever they feel inspired.
  • Designed for children--The activities in this creative journal help kids celebrate the joy of being kids by showing them how to let go of everyday worries and embrace their limitless imaginations.

  • Empower children to fearlessly express their creativity with this no-rules kids journal.

    Publication Date: 
    June 15, 2021