Crystallizing Public Opinion

Crystallizing Public Opinion
In this first ever book on the public relations (PR) industry, Edward Bernays, the original public relations pioneer, brings us the best ways for the government and corporations to relate to the public. Crystallizing Public Opinion brings us the original basic principles behind the techniques that corporations have been using to influence the public for the past one hundred years.

In his original text, Bernays highlights some of the history and techniques behind the, then new, public relations counsel. Some of the subjects he highlights include:

  • The scope and function of the PR counsel
  • Forces that make up public opinion
  • The mechanisms behind public opinion (group and herd thinking)
  • Techniques and methods for reaching and influencing the public
  • Methods of communication with the public
  • And more!

  • Bernays saw the PR counsel and industry as not just a representative for the press, but a communication symbol for the masses. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in public relations, especially professional public relations officials and communications or business students. Discover the history behind the PR industry in this new edition of Bernays's Crystallizing Public Opinion.

    Publication Date: 
    January 21, 2020