Culinary Magic

Culinary Magic
A cook book for men, specifically Witches who are men. Preparing food the wiccan way for your mates, for that special friend, or for a whole coven at a seasonal ritual event, presented by a leading chef who owns his own restaurant in Wales. Herb lore and some special 'potions' recipes are included. Campbell suggest that all elements are affected by emotion, perspective and intention. Creating food with loving intention is the ultimate magic ingredient, without which the food becomes a hollow reflection of the attitude of the one that prepared it. Food prepared and presented with positive intention (and love) can only create positive results. "Anyone can cook great food, with guidance, but not many achieve outstanding dishes day in and day out. We must strive towards Outstanding Cuisine and to do this we all have to think in the following way: Love is the greatest power we hold; it is also the greatest gift" - M Campbell
Publication Date: 
October 15, 2019