Culture Shift: A Practical Guide to Managing Organizational Culture

Culture Shift: A Practical Guide to Managing Organizational Culture

Culture Shift is a practical guide to using behavioral economics to change organizational culture effectively and sustainably, putting culture at the core of running the business.

Nowadays, stakeholder consideration focuses as much on an organization's culture as it does on the bottom line--employees want to work for a company that has clear values and an engaging environment; customers and clients want to know they're supporting a worthwhile brand; and investors look to back socially responsible companies with good organizational health.

Too often, too many businesses see culture change as a project with a defined end point--once the project is considered done, the dominant culture re-emerges and things go back to how they were. Culture Shift guides organizations on how to do things differently, ensuring that culture really does shift (with minimal budget and no external consultants) and putting culture permanently at the core of running the business.

Founded on behavioral economics, Culture Shift recognizes that people do not always make average assumptions or follow rational logic. Changing a culture, therefore, is not about telling people what to do and expecting them to fall neatly in line--it's about identifying where they are now and how they make decisions, in order to help them form new habits to create a comprehensive, sustainable culture shift.

Using her extensive experience, Kirsty Bashforth outlines exactly what it takes to oversee sustainable culture change in an organization, blending practical tips and illustrative stories throughout the book to drive home key points and provide a variety of perspectives and possible outcomes.

Publication Date: 
October 8, 2019