Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup Guidelines


  • You will receive an email once a title is available for pickup. Please do not attempt to pick up your curbside order until you have received that notification. For orders containing multiple books, you may receive multiple email notifications. If a certain title is not mentioned in an email, it is not yet ready for pickup.
  • Location: Our curbside location is at the Seminary Co-op at 5751 South Woodlawn Avenue, in the front lobby accessible through our main entrance during our curbside hours of operation.

  • Email is best: Our team is diligently monitoring our email. If you need to be in touch about your curbside order, please email Calling the store or emailing a different address will result in a delay in response time. 

  • Masks and social distancing are required. Please do not approach our curbside station without a mask, and please maintain a distance of at least six feet from our bookseller. 

  • Our curbside pickup station will be staffed daily from 11am to 3pm. Outside those hours, we will not be able to fulfill any pickup requests.

  • Orders will be organized by last name and order number. Please come prepared with both. If you have any trouble locating your order, ask our bookseller!

  • Our booksellers at the curbside station will be unable to provide further information. The bookseller will not have details regarding other orders you’ve placed, what else we might have in stock, store logistics, etc. Please refer to our FAQ below oremail us at if you have a question. 


Curbside Pickup FAQ


  • Can I pick up my order immediately after I've placed it?

All orders, even those in stock, take time to process in store. You will receive an email when books in your order are ready to be picked up.  

  • Is this the fastest way to get my books?

If we have your requested books in stock, curbside pickup cuts out quite a bit of shipping-carrier processing time. There are a number of reasons why your book might not be available immediately; rest assured that we will let you know as soon as each book is ready to pick up. This is all to say that it depends, but yes, curbside pickup often expedites the process.


  • How long will I have to pick up my order? 

You will have three weeks from the time of notification to pick up each book in your order. After three weeks, we will refund your purchase through your original form of payment. If you know you will not be able to pick up your order within this three-week window, please email to arrange for shipment or, if you live within the zip codes 60615, 60637, 60616, 60653, and 60649, delivery. 


  • What is the cost of curbside pickup? 

Curbside pickup is free of charge. 


  • Can my family member or friend pick up my order for me? 

Yes, absolutely. They will simply need to provide the order number and your last name. 


  • Can I order a book for curbside pickup even if it hasn’t been released yet? 

Yes, this is not a problem. 


  • If I received the wrong books or damaged books, or if I am missing something I believe should be in the order, whom should I contact? 

We encourage you to check your bag before leaving the pickup site. However, if you do find a problem with any of your books, please contact us at


  • Is the store open? 

The safety of our staff and our community is our primary concern, and as such, we have no plans to reopen the store to the public at the moment. Rest assured we will let our customers know as soon as we have settled on a reopening strategy. 


  • How are you ensuring staff and community safety during curbside pickup? 

The safety of our staff and of our community is the highest priority. Our booksellers are equipped with gloves, antibacterial spray and towels, and face masks. They adhere to social distancing measures during the pickup process, and we ask that our customers do the same. Masks are required.