The Dawn of Time
The first book in an all-new graphic novel series for Minecrafters--The Magic Portal!

In a world where combat games are the key to survival, two rivals get accidentally sucked into a portal that brings them back in time to the very beginning of The End. There, they uncover the ancient secrets of an Enderman's unusual behavior. In order to get back home and share this valuable knowledge, Keri and Omar must guide the Endermen to carry out their plan to build the End Portal. The problem is, the Endermen aren't so keen on following the plans Keri and Omar have laid out for them. In fact, if they're not careful, they'll find out just how hostile an Enderman can get. Will Keri learn to trust Omar? Can these two enemies find a way to get along long enough to hatch a plan, convince the Endermen to build the End Portal, and return home without making any waves in their future timeline?

Publication Date: 
January 11, 2022