Perfectly preserve your favorite foods

Dehydrating is easy and inexpensive, and the results are loaded with flavor and nutrition. If you have a bumper crop of garden vegetables, scored a deal on in-season fruit at the farmer's market, or have a neighbor with more fresh oregano than they know what to do with, there's no better way to preserve your bounty than by dehydrating!

With over 170 recipes for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, jerkies, leathers, trail mix, and even treats for your dog, this definitive guide gives you everything you need to know to make the most of your dehydrator.

In this newly updated edition, you'll discover:

  • A guide on the types of dehydrators available
  • Pointers on proper food prep and safety storage
  • Dozens of recipes on dehydrating all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Rich and flavorful recipes for dehydrated beef, chicken, duck, and other jerkies
  • Easy ideas for making chips, granola, croutons, and more with your dehydrator
  • Satisfying meringues, cookies, and other desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth

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    Publication Date: 
    September 6, 2022