Local Delivery

Delivery Guidelines


  • Email is best: Our team is diligently monitoring our email. If you need to be in touch about your delivery order, please email delivery@semcoop.com. Calling the store or emailing a different address may result in a delay in response time.

  • We will deliver items as available: For orders with multiple books we will deliver items as they become available. If you receive a shipment with only part of your order this is very likely because we are still waiting for the remainder to arrive from the publisher. We will get the rest of the order to you as soon as possible.

  • If you have specific instructions for the driver: Please add these to the comments field on the order page or delivery@semcoop.com with specific directions for where to leave your package.

  • Please practice social distancing: All deliveries are contactless. We ask that you keep your social distance. If for any reason you plan to meet the driver, please wear a mask.

  • The driver is unable to provide further information: The driver will not have details regarding other orders you’ve placed, the contents of the parcel, store logistics, etc. Please refer to our FAQ below or respond directly to this email if you have a question. 




    • Is this the fastest way to get my books?

If we have all of your requested books in stock, local delivery cuts out quite a bit of shipping-carrier processing time. If we do not have an item you’ve requested in stock, we will order in a new copy from the publisher, which adds to your wait time. This is all to say that it depends, but yes, local delivery often expedites the process.


    • Where are you delivering?

Currently, we deliver to zip codes 60615, 60637, 60616, 60653, and 60649.


    • Can I combine orders for delivery?

Unfortunately, we are not currently set up to combine delivery orders. 


    • Once my delivery window has been set, can I change it? 

Please email us at delivery@semcoop.com if you would like to request a change. We will accommodate your request if at all possible. 


    • What is the cost of delivery? 

Our regular delivery charge is $5.00. 


    • Can I tip the delivery person?

Our delivery drivers will not be accepting tips, but if you would like to donate to the stores, you can do so at this link


    • Can you specify at what time during the delivery window I will be receiving my order? 

No, unfortunately we cannot. 


    • Can my family member or friend request to have books delivered to my residence since I am in the delivery zone? 

Yes! We’d be happy to do this. 


    • What if one of my books isn’t released yet? Will you still hold the rest of the order until then? 

For orders being fulfilled through curbside pickup or our local delivery service, we are shipping out books as they are available. That means that your shipment may be split between two or more packages, though your shipping charge will not increase. We assure you that the rest of your order will be on its way as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. For items shipping via a standard shipping method, we will wait until we are able to fulfill the entire order, then we will ship the whole order to you at once. We will send you tracking information when the order leaves the stores. We will be sure to let you know about any availability issues or updates should they arise, but, as always, do feel free to let us know if you have any further questions. If a given book on the order is delayed for a significant amount of time, we may decide to ship your order in two or more installments.


    • If I received the wrong books or damaged books, or if I am missing something I believe should be in the order, whom should I contact? 

Please email us at delivery@semcoop.com 


    • Is the store doing curbside pickup? 

Yes, we are! You can find further information about curbside here. Curbside pickup is available on all orders and is free of charge.


    • How are you ensuring staff and community safety during delivery? 

The safety of our staff and of our community is the highest priority. Our bookseller-drivers are equipped with masks, antibacterial spray, and towels. They adhere to social distancing measures during the entire delivery process, and we ask that our customers do the same.