Depth of the Human Person : A Multidisciplinary Approach

Depth of the Human Person : A Multidisciplinary Approach
This volume brings together leading theologians, biblical scholars, scientists, philosophers, ethicists, and others to explore the multidimensionality and depth of the human person. Moving away from dualistic (mind-body, spirit-flesh, naturalmental) anthropologies, the book's contributors examine human personhood in terms of a complex flesh-body-mind-heart-soul-conscience-reason-spirit spectrum.

The Depth of the Human Person begins with a provocative essay on the question Why is personhood conceptually difficult? It then rises to the challenge of relating theological contributions on the subject to various scientific explorations. Finally, the book turns to contemporary theological-ethical challenges, discussing such subjects as human dignity, embodiment, gender stereotypes, and human personhood at the edges of life.


  • Maria Antonaccio
  • Warren S. Brown
  • Philip Clayton
  • Volker Henning Drecoll
  • Markus Höfner
  • Origen V. Jathanna
  • Malcolm Jeeves
  • Isolde Karle
  • Eiichi Katayanagi
  • Andreas Kemmerling,
  • Stephan Kirste
  • Bernd Oberdorfer
  • John C. Polkinghorne
  • Jeffrey P. Schloss
  • Andreas Schüle
  • William Schweiker
  • Gerd Theissen
  • Günter Thomas
  • Frank Vogelsang
  • Michael Welker
  • ,

    Publication Date: 
    June 30, 2014