The Digital Filmmaking Handbook:The Definitive Guide to Digital Filmmaking

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Part of the perennially best-selling Quercus Digital Photography series, this comprehensive guide features everything you need to know to make a digital film, from conception to finished product.

Using clear, step-by-step instruction, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook concisely illustrates the technical and creative challenges of digital filmmaking for novices and professionals alike, spanning topics from conception to execution:

- Planning a shoot: how to make a storyboard
- Set preparation: dressing and lighting a set
- Principal photography: filming with HD and DSLR cameras--including the latest advice on equipment, accessories, and software
- Advanced editing: software and practices
- Post-production: digital effects and

Packed with tips and tricks to develop both your creative vision and your technical know-how, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is the ultimate resource for all your filmmaking needs.

Publication Date: 
January 7, 2014