Discrit--Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory in Education

Discrit--Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory in Education

This groundbreaking volume brings together major figures in Disability Studies in Education (DSE) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to explore some of today's most important issues in education. Scholars examine the achievement/opportunity gaps from both historical and contemporary perspectives, as well as the overrepresentation of minority students in special education and the school-to-prison pipeline. Chapters also address school reform and the impact on students based on race, class, and dis/ability and the capacity of law and policy to include (and exclude). Readers will discover how some students are included (and excluded) within schools and society, why some citizens are afforded expanded (or limited) opportunities in life, and who moves up in the world and who is trapped at the "bottom of the well."

Book Features:

  • A unique exploration of the intersections of race, class, and dis/ability.
  • New insights into longstanding problems of inequity in American education.
  • An examination of the ways in which certain students come to fit into certain categories of dis/ability.
  • Creative ways to achieve changes in theory, research, practice, and policy that will promote more socially just education systems.
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    Publication Date: 
    December 30, 2015