Early Judaism and Modern Culture:Literature and Theology

Early Judaism and Modern Culture:Literature and Theology
Gerbern Oegema has long been drawn to the noncanonical literature of early Judaism -- literature written between 300 b.c.e. and 200 c.e. These works, many of which have been lost, forgotten, and rediscovered, are now being studied with ever-increasing enthusiasm by scholars and students alike.

Although much recent attention has been given to the literary and historical merits of the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and other deutero- and extracanonical writings, Early Judaism and Modern Culture shows that it is also important to study these literary works from a theological perspective. To that end, Oegema considers the reception of early Jewish writings throughout history and identifies their theological contributions to many issues of perennial importance: ethics, politics, gender relations, interreligious dialogue, and more. Oegema demonstrates decisively that these books -- more than merely objects of academic curiosity -- have real theological and cultural relevance for churches, synagogues, and society at large today.
Publication Date: 
February 15, 2011