The Economic Approach

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The Economic Approach

A revealing collection from the intellectual titan whose work shaped the modern world.

As an economist and public intellectual, Gary S. Becker was a giant. The recipient of a Nobel Prize, a John Bates Clark Medal, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom, Becker is widely regarded as the greatest microeconomist in history.

After forty years at the University of Chicago, Becker left a slew of unpublished writings that used an economic approach to human behavior, analyzing such topics as preference formation, rational indoctrination, income inequality, drugs and addiction, and the economics of family.

These papers unveil the process and personality--direct, critical, curious--that made him a beloved figure in his field and beyond. The Economic Approach examines these extant works as a capstone to the Becker oeuvre--not because the works are perfect, but because they offer an illuminating, instructive glimpse into the machinations of an economist who wasn't motivated by publications. Here, and throughout his works, an inquisitive spirit remains remarkable and forever resonant.

Publication Date: 
August 16, 2023