Economic Policy Beyond the Headlines

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Drawing from their experience as government insiders, George P. Shultz and Kenneth W. Dam show how economic policy is shaped at the highest levels of government. They reveal the interconnections between economic, social, and international policy, covering issues such as the advocacy system and the role of the individual in shaping policy. A new chapter, 'A Changed World, ' explores the various influences of our increasingly global economy on economic strategy. With rare candor, authority and breadth of vision, Shultz and Dam have produced a brilliant introduction to economic policy, its principles, and practice.

"A model of brevity and lucidity . . . [ "Economic Policy Beyond the Headlines" ] incorporates a unique and rewarding blend of economic reasoning with a high level of political awareness . . . enriched by the wide personal experience in government of the authors".--Albert T. Sommers, "Across the Board"

"[Shultz and Dam] help foreign readers to understand why the world looks so different from Washington. . . . This book should provide the model".-- "The Economist"

"A wise and valuable book showing great insight into the realities of economic policy making".--Henry A. Kissinger

Publication Date: 
June 20, 1998