Dr. K E Garland - "In Search of a Salve" - Dr. Duane Davis

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Dr. K E Garland

Dr. K E Garland will discuss her book, In Search of a Salve: Memoir of a Sex Addict. She will be joined in conversation by Dr. Duane Davis.

This event will be held in person at 57th Street Books.


About the book: In Search of a Salve is the written personification of what it means to stare the truth of yourself in the mirror and accept it wholeheartedly. In stories tender and raw, KE Garland invites readers on the journey of her life as she discovered herself, her sexuality, and subsequent sex addiction. No topic is too taboo or off limits; from the sexual assaults she suffered as a child to the exhibitionism displayed and multiple abortions she had as an adult. Garland weaves the seedy and secretive world of a sex addict with her words removing the erotic and replacing it with the reality of what it means to live a double life; lying to and cheating on the ones you love. But like anyone wanting to see the other side of addiction, Garland had to do the necessary work to put her urges in perspective and her desires in check. In Search of a Salve is the memoir of someone who’s spent years excavating her interior; rooting out what never belonged and pouring in all that she needed to live courageously bold, honest, and healing. 

About the author: K E Garland is an award-winning creative nonfiction writer and blogger based in Florida, by way of Chicago. She uses personal essays and memoir to de-marginalize women’s experiences with an intent to highlight and humanize contemporary issues. Her work has appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, I'm Speaking Now: Black Women Share Their Truth in 101 Stories of LoveCourage and HopeAll the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World—Essays on Equality, Justice, and Freedom, and other anthologies. She has a husband and two adult daughters and is an associate professor at a community college. In Search of a Salve is her debut memoir. 

About the interlocutor: Duane is a born and bred southsider from Chicago. He graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and received his undergraduate degree in English with Honors at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Columbia College Chicago, a Masters in English at Loyola University Chicago, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has spent almost three decades teaching, leading, coaching, and consulting at a variety of schools and organizations locally and nationally. He was recently the Executive Director of K12 Education Initiatives at the University of Chicago and resides in the Bronzeville community on the South Side of Chicago with his partner, a Chicago Public Schools principal and his son, a third-year university student studying journalism and visual storytelling.  

Event Location: 
57th Street Books
1301 E 57th St.
Chicago, IL 60637