Gabriel Winant - "The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America" - Jonathan Levy and Bethany Moreton

Friday, May 7, 2021 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm
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Gabriel Winant

Gabriel Winant will discuss The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America. He will be joined in conversation by Jonathan Levy, Steven H. Lopez, and Bethany Moreton. 

Presented in partnership with The Law, Letters, and Society program at the University of Chicago

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About the book: Pittsburgh was once synonymous with steel. But today most of its mills are gone. Like so many places across the United States, a city that was a center of blue-collar manufacturing is now dominated by the service economy—particularly health care, which employs more Americans than any other industry. Gabriel Winant takes us inside the Rust Belt to show how America’s cities have weathered new economic realities. In Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, he finds that a new working class has emerged in the wake of deindustrialization. As steelworkers and their families grew older, they required more health care. Even as the industrial economy contracted sharply, the care economy thrived. Hospitals and nursing homes went on hiring sprees. But many care jobs bear little resemblance to the manufacturing work the city lost. Unlike their blue-collar predecessors, home health aides and hospital staff work unpredictable hours for low pay. And the new working class disproportionately comprises women and people of color. The Next Shift offers unique insights into how we got here and what could happen next. 

About the author: Gabriel Winant is an assistant professor of history at the University of Chicago. His writing has appeared in The Nation, Dissent, The New Republic, and n+1.

About Jonathan Levy: Jonathan Levy is Professor of History and Social Thought at the University of Chicago and the author of Ages of American Capitalism.

About Steven H. Lopez: Steven H. Lopez is an associate professor of sociology at the Ohio State University. His research focuses broadly on work, labor, employment, and society. He is the author of Reorganizing the Rust Belt: An Inside Study of the American Labor Movement (UC Press, 2004)

About Bethany Moreton: Bethany Moreton (Ph.D., Yale 2006) is Professor of History at Dartmouth College. Her publications include: To Serve God and Wal-Mart: The Making of Christian Free Enterprise (Harvard University Press, 2009); Fifty Shades of Green is forthcoming in the Near Futures series from Zone Books.

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