Linda Scott - "The Double X Economy: The Epic Potential of Women's Empowerment" - Virtual Event

Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Linda Scott

Linda Scott will discuss The Double X Economy: The Epic Potential of Women's Empowerment. She will be joined in conversation by Marianne Bertrand.

Presented in partnership with the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership

Virtual event


About the book: Linda Scott coined the phrase “Double X Economy” to address the systemic exclusion of women from the world financial order. In The Double X Economy, Scott argues on the strength of hard data and on-the-ground experience that removing those barriers to women’s success is a win for everyone, regardless of gender. Scott opens our eyes to the myriad economic injustices that constrain women throughout the world: fathers buying and selling daughters against their will; husbands burning brides whose dowries have been spent; men appropriating women’s earnings and widows’ land; banks discriminating against women applying for loans; corporations paying women less than men; men treating women as their intellectual inferiors due to primitive notions of female brain development; governments depriving women of affordable childcare; and so much more. As Scott takes us from the streets of Accra, where sex trafficking is widespread, to American business schools, where women are routinely patronized, the pervasiveness of the Double X Economy becomes glaringly obvious. But Scott believes that this rampant problem can be solved. She proposes concrete actions and urges her readers to rise up and join the global movement for women’s economic empowerment that is gaining momentum by the day.

About the author: Linda Scott is Emeritus DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Oxford.

About the interlocutor:  Marianne Bertrand is Chris P. Dialynas Distinguished Service Professor of Economics and Willard Graham Faculty Scholar at Chicago Booth.

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