Luke Fischer - "A Personal History of Vision"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Luke Fischer

"Like his master, Rainer Maria Rilke, Luke Fischer is finely attuned to phenomena that reside both under and beyond the surface of things. In our contemporary world filled with incessant distraction, Fischer’s dedicated gaze meditates on the unexpected and miraculous in nature and opens doors towards celestial realms. And we are the grateful recipients of this particular gift: Fischer's exploration of the fragile inner places where the heart and soul long to reside, despite the exteriority of modern life." ––Ellen Hinsey

Luke Fischer reads and discusses A Personal History of Vision. A Q&A and signing will follow the discussion.

Presented in partnership with UChicago Program on the Global Environment

At the Co-op

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About the book: A Personal History of Vision expands on the concerns of Fischer’s acclaimed first collection Paths of Flight and embodies what Judith Beveridge has described as his ‘seemingly effortless ability to blend visual detail and imaginative vision.’ Intertwining the personal and the historical, the modern and the primeval, culture and nature, these poems explore vision in its many senses, often with reference to the visual arts. At their heart is a search for an enlarged awareness of ourselves and the world, in which the visible and the invisible, nature and spirit find one another. At the same time these poems are awake to inadequacies and the trials of death and suffering––personal, political, and ecological. Yet, even in the darkness (the focus of the second section) they detect possibilities of transformation.

About the author: Luke Fischer is a poet, philosopher, and scholar of poetry. His books include the poetry collections A Personal History of Vision (UWAP Poetry, 2017) and Paths of Flight (Black Pepper, 2013) and the monograph The Poet as Phenomenologist: Rilke and the New Poems (Bloomsbury, 2015). He co-edited a special section of the Goethe Yearbook (2015) on Goethe and Environmentalism and is currently co-editing a volume of essays on Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus (Oxford University Press). He won the 2012 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize and his poems have been anthologized in The Best Australian Poems (2014, 2015, 2017) and Contemporary Australian Poetry (2016). He lives in Sydney, Australia, and is an honorary associate of the philosophy department at the University of Sydney. For more information see:


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Seminary Co-op Bookstores
5751 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Chicago , IL 60637