Michael Weinman & Geoff Lehman - "The Parthenon and Liberal Education" - David Shiner

Sunday, April 14, 2019 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Michael Weinman and Geoff Lehman

“This book adds substantially to the field of studies on ancient Greek architecture, as viewed through the lens of Greek philosophy and education. It contains chapters that are intellectually the most exciting and innovative that I have read on the Parthenon in a long time.”Robert Hannah, author of Time in Antiquity

A reading and discussion with Michael Weinman and Geoff Lehman, co-authors of The Parthenon and Liberal Education. They will be joined in conversation by David Shiner. A Q&A and signing will follow the discussion.

At the Co-op

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About The Parthenon and Liberal Education: The Parthenon and Liberal Education discusses the importance of the early history of Greek mathematics to education and civic life through a study of the Parthenon and dialogues of Plato. It seeks to restore the study of mathematics to its original place of prominence in the liberal arts. To build this case, Geoff Lehman and Michael Weinman turn to Philolaus, a near contemporary of Socrates. The authors demonstrate the influence of his work involving number theory, astronomy, and harmonics on Plato’s Republic and Timaeus, and outline its resonance with the program of study in the early Academy and with the architecture of the Parthenon. Lehman and Weinman argue that the Parthenon can be seen as the foremost embodiment of the practical working through of mathematical knowledge in its time, serving as a mediator between the early reception of Ancient Near-Eastern mathematical ideas and their integration into Greek thought as a form of liberal education, as the latter came to be defined by Plato and his followers. With its Doric architecture characterized by symmetria (commensurability) and harmonia (harmony; joining together), concepts explored contemporaneously by Philolaus, the Parthenon engages dialectical thought in ways that are of enduring relevance for the project of liberal education.

About Michael Weinman: Michael Weinman received his PhD in philosophy from The New School for Social Research. He has previously taught at St. John’s College. He is the author of Language, Time, and Identity in Woolf’s The Waves: The Subject in Empire’s Shadow and Pleasure in Aristotle’s Ethics, and has also published widely on Ancient Greek science and contemporary Continental political theory.

About Geoff Lehman: Geoff Lehman received his PhD in art history from Columbia University. Before coming to Bard College Berlin, Geoff taught art history for several years in Columbia University’s core curriculum. He has published on Renaissance painting, particularly in its intersection with philosophy and mathematics, and on perspective theory, the inspiration for the research reflected in this co-authored work.

About David Shiner: David Shiner is Professor Emeritus at Shimer College (now the Shimer Great Books School at North Central College), where he taught for 40 years and served several terms as Dean of the College. Throughout his teaching career, Prof. Shiner has helped intellectually curious individuals master classic works from all areas of liberal studies—including philosophy, literature, music, sociology and biology—and he regularly receives outstanding course evaluations that emphasize both his understanding of the texts and his ability to bring out the best in students. Professor Shiner's research interests focus on the connection between foundational issues in philosophy—especially epistemology and metaphysics—and the dialogue form, especially in Plato but also in the work of Gregory Bateson, among others.

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The Seminary Co-op Bookstore
5751 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637