CANCELLED - Penelope Rosemont - "Surrealism: Inside the Magnetic Fields" - Bill Ayers

Friday, April 17, 2020 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Penelope Rosemont

**This event has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule in the coming months.**

"Penelope Rosemont has given us, better than anyone else in the English language, a marvelous, meticulous exploration of the surrealist experience, in all its infinite variety." — Gerome Kamrowski, American Surrealist Painter

Join us for a discussion with Penelope Rosemont, author of Surrealism: Inside the Magnetic Fields. She will be joined in conversation by Bill Ayers. A Q&A and signing will follow the discussion.

At 57th Street Books

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About the Book: A series of personal and historical encounters with surrealism from one of its foremost practitioners in the United States. One of the hallmarks of Surrealism is the encounter, often by chance, with a key person, place, or object through a trajectory no one could have predicted. Penelope Rosemont draws on a lifetime of such experiences in her collection of essays, Surrealism: Inside the Magnetic Fields. From her youthful forays as a radical student in Chicago to her pivotal meeting with André Breton and the Surrealist Movement in Paris, Rosemont—one of the movement's leading exponents in the United States—documents her unending search for the Marvelous. Surrealism finds her rubbing shoulders with some of the movement's most important visual artists, such as Man Ray, Leonora Carrington, Mimi Parent, and Toyen; discussing politics and spectacle with Guy Debord; and crossing paths with poet Ted Joans and outsider artist Lee Godie. The book also includes scholarly investigations into American radicals like George Francis Train and Mary MacLane, the myth of the Golden Goose, and Dada precursor Emmy Hennings.

About the Author: Penelope Rosemont is the editor of the seminal anthology Surrealist Women: An International Anthology (University of Texas Press, Austin, 1998; also published by Athalone, London) and The Forecast Is Hot!: Tracts & Other Collective Declarations of the Surrealist Movement in the United States 1966-1976. She is the author of Make Love, Not War: Surrealism 1968!; Dreams of Everyday Life: André Breton, Surrealism, Rebel Worker, SDS, and the Seven Cities of Cibola; Surrealist Experiences: 1001 Dawns, 221 Midnights; The Story of Mary Maclane & Other Writings; and Beware of the Ice and Other Poems, among others. Her paintings appeared recently in the exhibitions: “Revolutionary Imagination: Chicago Surrealism from Object to Activism,” 2018 and “Dada Chicago” 2016. She presented a paper on “Pan-Africanism, Négritude: Ted Joans and Jayne Cortez” at the ISSS (International Society for the Study of Surrealism) 2018 Conference. She continues to be active in the Surrealist Movement in the U.S. and Europe. She lives in the Chicago Area. 

About the interlocutor: Bill Ayers is an author, activist, and educator whose previous books include You Can’t Fire the Bad Ones!, To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher and Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom.

Event Location: 
57th Street Books
1301 E 57th St.
Chicago, IL 60637