On "Revolution Every Day" - Robert Bird, Zachary Cahill, and Christina Kiaer

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Robert Bird, Zachary Cahill, Christina Kiaer

Co-editors and co-curators Robert Bird, Zachary Cahill, and Christina Kiaer discuss Revolution Every Day.

At the Co-op

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About Revolution Every DayThis unique, small format companion to the Smart Museum of Art’s special exhibition Revolution Every Day is inspired by the tradition of Soviet tear-off calendars. The book has 365 calendar pages with daily entries featuring a range of images and texts drawn from primary and archival source materials that explore the historical and experiential dimensions of revolution. It presents multiple short essays and other original contributions from the curators, artists, and scholars, accompanied by full color illustrations of all of the works in the exhibition. Published by the Smart Museum of Art in collaboration with Mousse Publishing

This book is the catalogue for the exhibition Revolution Every Day, which will stay open until 5:45 pm on Tuesday, January 9 at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, immediately prior to this book event. The museum is a short walk from the Seminary Co-op. 

About Robert Bird: Robert Bird is a professor in the Departments of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Cinema and Media Studies at The University of Chicago. His primary area of interest is the aesthetic practice and theory of Russian/Soviet modernism. He has published books on Viacheslav Ivanov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Andrei Tarkovsky, and essays on a variety of topics in Russian literature, intellectual history, film and video art. He is completing a book Soul Machine: How Soviet Film Modeled Socialism, which analyzes the rise of socialist realism as a modeling aesthetic.

About Zachary Cahill: A co-curator & co-editor of Revolution Every Day, Zachary Cahill is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist who has been working on his long term project the USSA for the past decade. He has had numerous solo exhibitions including: Regina Rex, New York; the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Threewalls, Chicago; the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and this past fall at Anastasia Tinari Projects in Chicago. His work has been included in group exhibitions including: the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art (2014), The Works, Contemporary Art Brussels (2015), and “Broken Flag” Iceberg Projects, Chicago (2016), among others. A widely published author, Cahill's writing has appeared in Afterall, Artforum, The Exhibitionist, Frieze, and MousseArtReview  profiled Zachary Cahill for its 2017 special issue The Future Greats, a selection of twelve artists from around the world that take on the complexity of the contemporary moment. He is Curator at the University of Chicago's Gray Center. In July and early August of 1991 Cahill participated in  USA Wrestling's Tour Du Monde representing the United States of America in the Soviet Union.

About Christina Kiaer: A co-curator & co-author of Revolution Every Day, Christina Kiaer teaches modern art at Northwestern University. She is the author of Imagine No Possessions: The Socialist Objects of Russian Constructivism (MIT Press) and the forthcoming Collective Body: The Lyrical Prospects of Socialist Realism (University of Chicago Press), as well as the volume Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia: Taking the Revolution Inside (Indiana University Press), co-edited with Eric Naiman. Her current research project is called An Aesthetics of Anti-racism: African Americans in Soviet Visual Culture. She was a consulting curator, and contributed to the catalog, for the current exhibition Revoliutsiia! Demonstratsiia! Soviet Art Put to the Test at the Art Institute of Chicago.


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Seminary Co-op Bookstore
5751 S Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60637