Richard Thaler – Nudge: The Final Edition

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
Event Presenter/Author: 
Richard Thaler

Join us for a conversation with Nobel Prize-winning economist, Richard Thaler, about his newly updated version of Nudge.

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The first half of the hour-long event will feature a Q&A between Richard Thaler and Behavioral Scientist Editor-in-Chief, Evan Nesterak. The second half will feature a Q&A with the audience. Bring your questions!

Nudge, originally published in 2008, helped spark a revolution in policymaking that quickly spread elsewhere—to the tech sector, health care, education, the financial industry, and our personal lives; pretty much anywhere people make decisions, which is to say everywhere. Today, there are around 600 behavioral science teams working in businesses, governments, nonprofits, and universities around the world. 

Now, Thaler and Sunstein are back with an updated version of NudgeTheir new version incorporates ideas that have taken shape since the original was published, like sludge, the evil twin of nudge, which is choice architecture that makes it harder for you to do what you want. The new version of Nudge also explores how some nudges reported in the original book are fairing today and addresses some of the criticisms that have come up in the intervening years. 

You can read an excerpt from Nudge: The Final Edition on Behavioral Scientist

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