Zachary Tyler Vickers - "Congratulations on Your Martyrdom!" and Dylan Nice - "Other Kinds"

Saturday, October 1, 2016 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Zachary Tyler Vickers discusses Congratulations on Your Martyrdom! and Dylan Nice discusses Other Kinds.

At 57th Street Books


About the book: Searing, troubling, and funny, these revolutionary, linked stories flit and dart among the shadows of small town life, and the touching and heartbreaking characters that occupy it. Employees use roadkill instead of faux pelts during a build-a-critter battle for mall supremacy. Former band geeks are harassed with mutilated musical instruments and then murdered. The collection is haunted by allusions to a fatal cannonball jump that crescendos in the explosive final story. An extraordinary addition to the canon of gonzo fiction, "Congratulations on Your Martyrdom!" introduces Zachary Tyler Vickers as an exciting new author whose unflinching prose grabs you and won’t let go.

About the author: Zachary Tyler Vickers is the author of Congratulations on Your Martyrdom! He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop where he was the Provost's Fellow and the recipient of the Richard Yates Prize. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The Iowa Review, The American Reader, KGB Bar Lit Magazine, The Seattle Review, Diagram, Hobart, and elsewhere. His website is

About the book: Fiction. The stories in Other Kinds are about a place. They are stories about the woods, houses hidden in the gaps between mountains. Behind them, the skeletons of old and powerful machines rust into the slate and leaves. Water red with iron leeches from the empty mines and pools near a stone foundation. The boy there plays in the bones because he is a child and this will be his childhood. He watches while winter comes falling slowly down over the road. Sometimes he remembers a girl, her hair and the perfume she wore. These are stories about her and where she might have gone. He waits for sleep because in the next story he will leave. The boy watches an airplane blink red past his window. From here, you can't hear its violence.

About the author: Dylan Nice is the author of Other Kinds. His work has appeared in NOON, MAKE, Indiana Review, The Rumpus, draft: the journal of process, and elsewhere. He is a visiting professor of rhetoric at the University of Iowa.

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57th Street Books
1301 E. 57th St.
Chicago, IL 60637