Eyewitness Chicago

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Eyewitness Chicago
Eyewitness: Chicago is a fully illustrated look at the history and geography of Chicago, Illinois. Packed with interesting and exciting facts, this book is for readers ages 8 and up.

How did Chicago get its name? Who were the first Chicagoans? What can you find Downtown, or on the North, South, or West Sides? How do you get around, and what is there to see? Who were some of the most famous and infamous residents of Chicago? Readers will find the answers to all this and more in this new addition to the bestselling Eyewitness series.

Published in conjunction with Pearson Education and Chicago Public Schools, Eyewitness: Chicago offers a unique look at the history, geography, and interesting facts about the city of Chicago. Fully illustrated with colorful maps, photographs, and illustrations, this book is perfect for readers ages 8 and up."

Publication Date: 
September 20, 2011