Factology: The Human Body

Factology: The Human Body

Factology: The Human Body is a fact-packed
introduction to anatomy presented in maps, timelines, diagrams and statistics.

Did you know that there are more nerve cells
in your body than there are stars in the Milky Way? Take a tour of the world's
most incredible living machine: the human body. You're a magnificent mass of
weird and wonderful cells (and smells!) and we're peeling back every layer to
show you what really goes on in your insides.

This visually stunning science guide explores
the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, as well as all the vital organs -
from the heart to the brain - and the secrets behind how your senses work, plus
much, much more!

Each volume in the Factology series provides
a fast-paced and fun introduction to its subject, explaining key concepts and
highlighting significant events in a manner that is clear, accessible and

The school curriculum is consulted
when devising each volume, to ensure that the books cover important educational
topics, making them a perfect teaching aid for learning history and STEM

Publication Date: 
September 12, 2023