Fascist Mythologies

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Fascist Mythologies
"The Myth of Fascism argues that fascism can be seen as a new and murderous form of modern political myth. Freud, Borges, and Schmitt linked violent desires with the return of the historically repressed, that is, with myths repressed at an early stage of a society's development. Fascism enacted mythology in its longing for a "remote past," a simpler time superior to the present. The legitimacy of myth became the foundation for modern politics: fascist regimes considered themselves as actualizations of classical violent myths that thrived in the unconscious and that moved throughout history but also transcended it; myth, not history, legitimated violent actions. The book delineates the political and theoretical paths that led these thinkers to ponder the conceptual and practical relations between the victims of trauma and the ideological myths of their perpetrators and argues that their theories can help us reevaluate the sources of modern political violence"--
Publication Date: 
July 5, 2022