Feminist Futures

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At a time when fundamental concerns about social justice, sustainability, economic justice, and cultural diversity continue to be relegated to the sidelines of the mainstream development agenda, Feminist Futures is more essential than ever.

This revised and updated edition collects leading academics and a new generation of activists and scholars to provide fresh perspectives on how women in the Global South tranform our understanding of development. With essays ranging across Africa, Asia, and the Americas, it reveals how development efforts have repeatedly failed the Third World and illuminates the complex ways in which women continue to resist attempts to marginalize and subordinate them. Bringing together cultural studies, development studies, and feminist theory, contributors articulate an innovative framework for understanding connections between women, culture, and development, applying it to everything from sexuality to the environment, technology, and the cultural politics of representation.

Straddling disciplines and continents, Feminist Futures interweaves scholarship and social activism for a fascinating exploration of evolving positions of women in the Global South and an urgent demand for rethinking development approaches in the twenty-first century.

Publication Date: 
October 15, 2016