A Field Guide to a New Meta-Field:Bridging the Humanities-Neurosciences Divide

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Barbara Stafford is a pioneering art historian whose research has long helped to bridge the divide between the humanities and cognitive sciences. In "A Field Guide to a New Meta-Field," she marshals a distinguished group of thinkers to forge a ground-breaking dialogue between the emerging brain sciences, the liberal arts, and social sciences.

Stafford s book examines meaning and mental function from this dual experimental perspective. The wide-ranging essays included here from Frank Echenhofer s foray into shamanist hallucinogenic visions to David Bashwiner s analysis of emotion and danceability develop a common language for implementing programmatic and institutional change. Demonstrating how formerly divided fields are converging around shared issues, "A Field Guide to a New Meta-Field "maps a high-level, crossdisciplinary adventure from one of our leading figures in visual studies."

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