Fields of Vision:Essays on the Travels of William Bartram

Fields of Vision:Essays on the Travels of William Bartram
William Bartram was a naturalist, an artist, and the author of Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, The Cherokee Country, the Extensive Territories of the Muscogulees, or Creek Confederacy, and the Country of the Choctaws. The book, based on his journey across the South, reflects a remarkable coming of age. In 1773, Bartram - a British colonist - departed his family home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; in 1777, he returned as a citizen of an emerging nation, the United States. The account of his journey, published in 1791, established a national benchmark for nature writing and remains a classic of American literature, scientific writing, and history. Brought up as a Quaker, Bartram portrayed nature through a poetic lens of experience as well as scientific observation, and his work provides a window on 18th-century southern landscapes.
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March 20, 2010